The Mediterranean climate is ideal for almonds with dry and hot summers and mild and rainy winters. However, due to the fact that the wood part is resistant to winter cold, it can also be grown in places where winter cold is excessive. The wood part of the tree can withstand temperatures down to -20° C.

Almond flower buds have less resistance to winter conditions than peach flower buds. The need for winter rest is shorter than other fruit trees.

A cooling of 90-400 hours under + 5° C is sufficient. For almond cultivation, non-stable weather conditions in the beginning of spring are of great importance. The most critical period in terms of frost events in the spring is the flower period and unripe period. Flowers that can withstand -4° C to -5° C during flowering, are damaged at -1 ° C, -0.5 ° C as unripe almonds in the early spring period. There are big differences between varieties in terms of frost resistance.

It is a type of fruit that is not selective in terms of soil requirements. It gives good product in light, deep, strained and alluvial soils. Roots go 3-5 m deep in such soils.